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The shop owner, prides herself not only on the merchandise she
carrys but also on the many services that she offers.

Moving?  Downsizing?  Simplifying?  Cleaning Out Your House,
Attic or Garage?  Do you have “stuff” you never use,
haven’t looked at in awhile, taking up space, collecting dust? 
Left over yard sale items?  Collections you want to sell but
just don’t have time to find a buyer?

Give Us A Call!
We Buy, Sell, Consign
or Just Remove your Unwanted Items!
Single Items or Estates
We Remove, Buy, Sell and Rescue Old “Stuff”
and give it New Life!

These unique services include:

Clean-Out Services offered
Home Staging Services

Home Organization and Clutter Control

Ebay Drop-off or Pick-Up
Down Sizing
Both Buying and Selling of Estate Items
Yard Sale Leftovers
Web Site Design
Web Site Hosting
Items We Buy & Sell
eBay Fees
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