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Home Staging & Decorating

We provide a full range of design and
life transition services.

Home Staging Services we offer
The Home you are Selling is a totally different house
than the one your living in!  The extra edge you need
to sell your home fast...and
for top price! Our Home Staging Experts can help you
make your home look its best, and command
a higher price.

Lifestyle Transition/Downsizing
The kids are out of school, preparing to raise children
of their own. Now is the time to redesign your home...
or to recreate the warmth of your family home in a
new, more manageable setting.

Home Office Design
The blending of work and home lives can put
unnecessary pressure on both. Let our experts
design a space for you that enhances your
life and your livelihood.

A Full-Service Firm

We also offer a host of specialty design services to cater to the unique needs
of our clients. Our design partners serve a wide range of individuals and
businesses, and are experts in providing the skilled and prompt services
that our clients desire. At Vintage Chics Resale & Home Staging,
we're helping our clients redefine their living and working spaces.

FEES: $295 - Consulting Service: Includes professional advice that the
client can use to stage their own home, or transition from an existing home
to a new home. This includes a step-by-step walkthrough, describing in details the techniques and tools that the client can use to ready their house for sale,
or to move in to.
For customers who would rather leave the staging & redesign work to a pro, 
we can also provide a free estimate on the cost of having the Vintage Chics
team do all the work.


Home Staging Services we offer

Successful staging is using marketing and decorating techniques to create an environment
that buyers want.  When you put your house on the market, it becomes a commodity
or product.  For a product to sell, it has to be successfully marketed and packaged. 
The “packaging” element is where Home Staging comes in.  We want to create
emotional connection points throughout the house so the buyers feel at home. 
We want them to think, “This is it. This is the one.” 
So, what does "feeling like home" look like? 
It’s a combination of many things…

  1. First Impressions – Room by room we walk through and take note of our first
    impressions.  What grabs us, what glares at us, and what gives to us a
    feeling of home?

  2. Eliminating Clutter – We will start packing things away in order to create a more
    open and spacious feel.  People buy square footage.

  3. Emphasizing the Positives and Downplaying the Negatives – Finding the natural focal
    points, we will emphasize what we love about the room and hide or detract from the negative aspects.

  4. Lighten Up – Focusing on lighting and color, we make each room into a bright, warm, and inviting space that buyers can respond to.

  5. Home Buyers Appeal – In order for a buyer to feel at home, they need not be reminded
    of this being someone else’s home.  We’ll therefore “de-personalize” the space while
    retaining its warmth.

  6. Odors/Cleaning/Repairs – The “dirty work” is sometimes overlooked because you’ve lived
    here for so long.  Let’s get rid of the buyers’ mental “repair list” by doing it ourselves.

  7. Modernizing – We will update the style so the buyers feel they are getting the latest and greatest.

  8. Emotional Connection Points – We want to create the “WOW” factor.  This is a huge focus
    for our strategy.  We build these connection points so the buyers subconsciously desire
    this house.

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