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Home Organization and Clutter Control

What We Do:

  • Declutter: Closets, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Storage Areas/Garages, Basements, Small
    Business or Home Offices

  • Organize: Closets, Rooms, Desks/Filing Systems, Recreational or Entertainment Equipment

  • Sort: Paperwork, Memorabilia, Pictures, Decorations, Tools, Housewares 

  • Re-arrange: Living Spaces, Work Spaces, Fun Spaces

  • Assist:  Move/Relocation Preparation & Packing (no Moving).

  • Support: You!...with professional, non-judgmental and completely confidential help with
    clearing clutter from your life...FOR GOOD!

What We DON'T Do:

  • Cleaning or Housekeeping

  • Professional Psychology or Therapy

  • Babysitting 

Clutter is the Stuff in your life....

Clutter is the stuff in your life that you no longer use and love, or does not comfortably
fit in your home.
It does not contribute to your life’s current productivity or meaning.
It may have had value once, but not now.

Just like you need a home; your stuff needs a home, too. Easy access and knowing where
things are reduces daily frustration. Constant frustration easily escalates to anxiety or
anger, or another perfectly natural response, depression or lack of motivation.
If you remove the blockages - the clutter - you can’t help but feel better.

You can not always control life, but you can control your clutter. Clutter clearing interventions
take effort.  Learning new habits to prevent future clutter takes perseverance and patience.
It’s all doable - maybe not alone, but all doable. Getting clutter clear has a power affect on
your entire life. You literally make space, making the room – in your environment and
mind – for the life you do want to lead.

We all have clutter. It's just a matter of degree - and clarity. You can have clutter all around
you or neatly packed away, taking up valuable space, leaving little room for what you currently
use or love. A mess is not necessarily clutter because it may all be stuff that you use or
love - now. It’s just not put away. A collection becomes clutter when it is so densely packed on shelves that it is hard to find an object or see and enjoy the collection. Clutter becomes hoarding when an environment becomes physically unsafe because of all the stuff in it.

People frequently say, “I used to be organized”. Often clutter is simply the result of the space not properly being set up for the unique activities and brain of the person(s) living in it. It’s necessary to find the right fit between you and your environment if you want to be at your best – not just surviving, but thriving. It's amazing how much easier it is to stay organized when the clutter is out of your home.

Clutter is a natural by-product of changing life circumstances: births, deaths, marriages, divorces, multiple moves, and inheritances. Each transition requires certain things that others do not; each requires discrimination, the courage to choose what to keep and what to let go to make space more fluid for yourself and your things in your current life. Clearing clutter is not about being perfectly organized; it's about adapting to the demands - and joys - of life transitions so you can live with greater comfort and control.

Social and economic trends fuel our clutter craziness. One rarely acknowledged trend is the
most significant: twenty-five years ago middle-class women began to work outside of the home. Without the free labor of women who have the time to care for the home, coupled with greater prosperity to accumulate, clutter became an epidemic in our wealthy, guilty, time-strapped
society full of people yearning for meaning. The answer is not to put women back in the home
full time. The answer is to learn new ways of being and living in the realities of today’s world.  If you think you have clutter, you are not alone.

Most of us have clutter, and in most cases, there is nothing innately wrong with us. We all
suffer with varying degrees of distraction in this fast-paced culture of technology, advertising,
and multi-tasking. It’s your clutter, but not all your fault. Each of us has to respect our unique needs, brain, and environment, and deal with our stuff. When you don't, you feel bad. Learning how to let
go to make room for what you truly want is within your reach.

One way to feel better is to become clutter clear. Instead of finding fault in yourself or others,
begin to pick up your clutter. One hour, one box, one drawer, one pile, or one closet at a time.
It will change your life.  It’s your choice to stay stuck or get free.

It’s OK to have a lot of stuff. Just make sure that it isn’t blocking the flow of your home and
frustrating you. Today, starting small, begin to toss, recycle, donate, sell, shred or fold.
You will get tired sometimes, but you’ll also gain momentum and motivation. Figure out
what’s really important to you and do some more tomorrow. Ask for help if need be. Pace
yourself, don’t push, and aim for making room for what you do love and use – now. 

When clearing clutter, hundreds, even thousands of dollars appear in seven ways:

  1. Finding cash and coins

  2. Finding gift certificates and cards

  3. Selling found items of value

  4. Returning unused items

  5. Preventing duplicate spending

  6. Receiving tax write-offs for donations

  7. Giving away nice stuff as gifts

People often do not realize the wear and tear that clutter has on their emotional and physical
well-being, or when they do, it’s feels insurmountable. Clutter often becomes a strategy to
avoid dealing with what is really important.  The hardest part is to start clearing clutter, and to ask
for help. But once you start, and persevere, your life begins to clear up, too. Promise.
By letting go of your clutter, you make room for what is really important to you. And there are
ways to prevent the clutter in the future. Clutter clearing will change your life.
Aren’t you worth it?

People with lots of clutter live with the following experiences:

• Family battles and conflicts at work

• Frustration and anger

• Embarrassment

• Guilt or shame

• Apathy and depression

• Feeling stuck

• Feeling overwhelmed

• Regret

• Confusion

• Delayed achievement

• Feeling trapped

People who clear their clutter feel:

• Relief

• Lighter

• Appreciation

• Increased energy

• Personal power

• Motivated

• Clear-headed

• More direction and focus

• Productive

• In charge of their life

• Joy

• Freedom

Toss, Donate, Sell or Keep.....
Ask Yourself

  1. Do I love or use it now

  2. Does it add value to my life now

  3. Does it fit into my current home

  4. Does it have value to a friend or organization.

Selling Stuff If you like being in front of a computer and are a detailed person, you may want to
sell stuff via the internet on E-bay or Craig’s list (local, customer can pick up stuff). Yard sales
are good in the spring or fall. Both take more time than you think. Make sure it’s worth it to you.

Getting Started

If it feels like a good match for both of us when we first speak to one another, we set up a time
for our first session. We walk through your home side-by-side and you point out your
trouble-spots and share your concerns.
You have a choice of two services for our first session:

  1. Customized Clutter Assessment

    This service is perfect for people who are not sure if they want help clearing clutter or feel ready to work on their own, but are unsure of the most effective way to proceed. We assess the scope of your clutter and give you a written, customized clearing plan with priorities and strategy for you to clear your clutter.

  2. Clutter-Clearing Session

    This service is for people who want to get right to work. Together we pick an area in your home, roll up our sleeves, and start clearing. You get hands-on experience on how
    to make good decisions about what to keep, toss, give away or sell.
    In no time at all, you feel better as we make progress. After our first session,
    you can make a more informed decision on whether to continue with us or finish on
    your own.

    Client Privacy Policy/Confidentiality:

    We value the privacy of our clients.  If you have chosen to do business with us, we
    recognize our responsibility to keep the information you provide to us, during the normal course of business, secure and confidential.  We do not disclose any non-public personal information about our clients to anyone, except as required by law, such as with
    subpoenas, etc., or without consent of the Client.  Any testimonials and/or pictures on
    our web site or in printed material are being used with the permission of the Client.


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