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 A minimum selling price of $25.00 is required.

      Ebay Services
Item Sale Price
Vintage Chics Fee
Up to $499.99
45% of Net Sales Price*
$500 to $1999.99
35% of Net Sales Price*
30% of Net Sales Price*
$10,000 and over
25% of Net Sales Price*

* Net Sales price is after selling and payment processing fees.

     Furniture & Collectable Consignments
          Vintage Chics Resale charges a fixed commission rate of 50% of selling price that
     includes marketing, selling and other services. This commission includes payments
     to third parties such as dealers. You can deliver your items to us or we can pick-up. 
     We charge an hourly rate of $50.00 with a minimum pick-up fee of $50 (even for 1 item).
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