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Vintage Chics Resale cleans out attics, basements, garages and whole houses.
We assist the homeowner to prepare their home for sale. We specialize in helping
Seniors who are downsizing and will work with them to go through all their belongings
to determine what they should take with them and what should not make the move.
Letting go of our “stuff” can be hard on anyone, but particularly for
seniors who may be leaving a home that they have been in for thirty years or more.
Have you lost a loved one and are now faced with the task of
sorting through their "stuff"?  Hiring someone who will treat you and the memory of
the loved one and their belongings with dignity and respect can aid in the grieving process.
Anything that can be recycled (cardboard, paper, plastic) will be recycled.
Any furniture or household goods that are still useable will find a new home.

Are you a contractor with a remodeling business? 
Why trash those door knobs, doors, vintage light fixtures,
fireplace mantels, etc., when you could call us to
pick them up (save that dumpster space for the real trash).
Are you a Real Estate Broker with a foreclosed property
that needs to be cleaned out?  Give us a call!
Ask us about a FREE clean-out.....
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